Stadler Gallery

About Us

The Stadler Gallery for Contemporary Art, located in downtown Kingfield in the Carrabasset Valley, has been dedicated to providing exhibit space to contemporary artists from throughout the region. Since its opening in 2001, the summer season has featured diverse artists displaying their works in the small studio and in the large, turn-of-the-century barn.

Starting in summer 2016, the Gallery will have on permanent display the wide ranging works of gallery owner, Ulrike Stadler. Visiting artists, upon invitation, will be announced on this website and via the Gallery's mailing list.

About Ulrike Stadler

Ulrike Stadler was born in Germany and received a B.A. in art at the Klosterschule, Hamburg. She studied philosophy and medieval languages at the University of Hamburg.

In 1965, Ulrike emigrated to New York City. Twenty years later, in the early 1980's, Ulrike permanently moved to Maine. She has exhibited her work in New York and Maine for more than 30 years, and is in several prestigious collections. She has been a member of the Amos Eno Gallery in New York since 1996, where her work is exhibited every two years.

"It is the process that is most important in painting. Painting is the means by which I work through all those things I cannot address with reason or rationale."

Now a year-round resident in Kingfield, Maine, Ulrike owns the Stadler Gallery for Contemporary Art.

Ulrike Stadler's work spans a wide range of media and a similarly wide range of subjects, from monoprints to encaustic paintings to stained glass. Please visit the photo gallery to view selected works by Stadler.